We get this question all the time, why would you give anything away for free?  

Yes, UENI's Starter plan really is free and no, there really is no catch. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We don't even ask for any credit card details or other payment methods, so you can rest assured there will be no charges.

It is not uncommon for tech companies to offer a free plan to showcase their services. With our free plan, we give customers an easy way to test our services and see how well we deliver, without any risk.

We also offer paid plans, with premium features such as a custom domain name, professional email address and all-in-one online presence management, including marketing on high-traffic platforms and navigation systems (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Uber, Facebook Places, Foursquare).  

Details on the benefits of all plans, including our free plan, can be found here.

Don't worry, whichever plan you choose we will create you an amazing professional website and increase your online visibility.