To connect your Google my Business page with your UENI website, log in to your Business Hub, click “Allow UENI to update your Google my Business information” and then “Connect my Google account”. Then follow the prompts from Google.

When you have associated your Google My Business profile with your UENI website, the information on your UENI website syncs automatically with your Google My Business profile. Thus, opening hours, address, phone number and services on your website will automatically sync to and overwrite your existing data on Google my Business. The only data fields that do not sync from your UENI website to your Google My Business profile are amenities, promotions and testimonials. The photos you have already on your Google My Business profile will remain but will be supplemented by any additional gallery and hero images you have included on your UENI website.

Please note: if you change a single field on UENI, all fields will update on Google My Business. So if, for example, you change your phone number on UENI, all fields on UENI will sync on GMB (e.g. business name, business address, services, images, email address, website URL, opening hours). So if you have made any changes to the Google My Business page information through Google My Business, please note that these changes will be overwritten if you later make changes to your UENI information.

The sync is one-way from your website to your Google My Business profile. So if you make any changes on your Google My Business profile, they will not be reflected on your UENI website.