You are able to edit the headers that appear at the beginning of each section and in the blue navigation bar at the top of your website. 

Navigation bar

Note the words “Show more” followed by three dots that expands the navigation bar to show additional headers.

The following headers are editable:

  • Gallery

  • Amenities

  • Testimonials

  • Services

  • Send a message form

  • Opening hours

To make edits to the header text, log into your Business Hub and click on My Website. This will bring you to edit mode of your website.  

Scroll down to the section whose header you would like to edit. Then click on the edit tab for that section. You will be able to edit the Section Header (Section Title) and the Header that appears in the Navigation Bar (Section Navigation Title). 

The section header title (Section title) can contain up to 40 characters.

The navigation header title (Navigation section title) can contain up to 20 characters.

Make the desired changes and click Save.

In this example, the gallery header in the navigation bar has been renamed “Check my gallery”.

If you have questions, please contact us by emailing We are always happy to help.