The “Send a Message” section is the contact form toward the bottom of your website. This is where end-users can request a service or make a general enquiry to the business. 

When a customer either requests a booking or sends a custom message, you will receive a notification via email and in your Business Hub about the customer request. If you are on a paid plan, then you will receive the notification via SMS as well. 

As these are booking requests rather than confirmed bookings, you will need to respond to and confirm with the customer.

To edit this section, log into your Business Hub and click on My Website. This will bring you to edit mode of your website.   

Click the Edit Quote Request tab to edit this section. 

You will then be able to edit the following fields: 

The header title (Section title) can contain up to 40 characters.

The navigation header title (Navigation section title) can contain up to 20 characters.

Note that the Section Navigation Title is the name of the section that appears in the top header of your website.