The honest answer to that is, it depends. It depends on your goals, your SEO experience and where you rank in search right now. 

But, as we aim to be fully transparent at all times, our audit won’t replace a dedicated SEO specialist - not even close. And if you have a decent chunk o’ change to invest in SEO, then that’s the route you should take.

If, however, you’re just getting started with SEO and looking to rise up the search results starting immediately, then our Local SEO Audit is perfect for you.

It analyzes 6 local SEO factors and 300 data points and puts them in one easy-to-follow report.  

The 6 factors are:

  1. Links and Authority     

This section allows you to spy on the competition and see how you compare. It’ll give you a great idea of the steps you need to take to stop your pesky competitors taking the customers that you deserve. 

Some of this data is generated through our own proprietary systems; other data we pull in from trusted partners who are experts in their fields.  

  1. Search Rankings

This section shows where you rank for keywords important to your business. 

We report on your rankings in the 3 largest search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) and within their local offerings (Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local).

This will show you areas of opportunity. Ranking at position 11 for a particular keyword? Well, the first page gets most of the search results and, on average, has ten results. 

You’re so close to all those extra eyeballs!

So, if you create more content around that keyword, improve the quality of your images and content, and answer customer questions better than the competition, you will give yourself a very good chance of getting onto the first page. 

  1. Local Listings

If you’re a local business, it's critical to make sure your address and contact information is correct and consistent across the web. This provides reliable information to Google about your business and also ensures that your customers can find and/or contact you.

This section audits the most powerful online directories and reports back on whether you do or don't have a listing there. If you do, we check if your information is complete and consistent, and highlight any errors so you know what needs fixing. These directories can be a direct source of new customers but they can also boost your local ranking within Google.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

In this section we audit your reviews on the most important review sites. We report back on your total reviews, avg. rating and score on each site. We also display the most recent 10 reviews across all these sites.

Reviews significantly impacts your business reputation: the better your reputation, the more customers you're likely to win online. And with 84% of people trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, too many bad reviews will destroy a business. 

Positive reviews have the added benefits of making your business rank higher in search results, increasing click-throughs from search and building consumer trust in your business. All these lead to more customers and revenue!

  1. Google My Business (GMB)

Here we report on a number of important criteria and benchmark your website against the top 10 ranked businesses in your area. GMB contains listings of local businesses, organisations and places. 

Listings from GMB appear in organic search results and Google maps results on both desktop and mobile devices. 

This is why GMB is a hugely powerful marketing opportunity for local businesses - getting your optimization correct here is critical to attracting new, local customers.

Find out if you’re doing all you can to optimize your Google My Business page and get the customers you deserve. 

  1. Social Channels

Have a bird’s eye view of your use of and popularity across social media platforms. 

It's important to 'socialise' your business so that your customers can share their experiences with their friends and turn them into new customers. It's also useful to use social media channels like Facebook to accrue reviews of your local business.

All this for less than the price of a good coffee. So get your SEO Audit today and see where you can easily beat the competition and get in front of more potential customers.