UENI creates business websites for small businesses.

Unlike the other services mentioned above, with UENI you do not build your website from scratch. Rather than give you tools and templates to work with to create your website, we create a full website for you that already has professional content written for your business category, links to your location, and describes the pricing and details of your products or services.

In terms of professional content, we include well-written descriptive text for your specific business type, along with high-quality photos and imagery. This is placed carefully on your website from the start. You can edit it, but if you are happy with it - or just busy at first - you do not have an empty website waiting for you to think about how to describe your own business. It's ready to go from day one.

We also include professional management of Google My Business listings which helps our customer's businesses quickly become verified and listed on Google's search engine and on Google Maps.

We also offer additional services that require no setup on your part. An example is our directory listing service which lists, and synchronises, our customer's business information in an additional 20 directories across the internet. If your business information changes, we update your listings automatically. We do all the heavy lifting.

Lastly, each UENI website includes built-in booking and customer enquiry functionality. Your customers can contact you through the website and place and even schedule services with you, or request an appointment. Our website packages recognise that your business can benefit from a digital secretary. Customers can SMS, email, or call you, right from the website - or place a booking for a specific service if that's appropriate for your type of business.

That's not to say we are better or bigger than other website builders out there; we are just different and have a product that our customers tell us is just perfect for their budget and time commitment.

Many of our customers are busy helping their own customers. They do not have time to spend "building" a website. They do not want a website building tool. They want a company that builds their website for them and handles their search engine listing, along with other added services, at an affordable price. That's UENI.