Your customers and prospects can contact you through your website in a few ways:

  • Through the UENI booking system - if you offer services at your business and list them on your website
    • Your customer will receive both a SMS and an email confirming their booking request.
    • You will receive an email notifying you of the booking request. Please note, booking requests are sent to the email address shown on your website.

  • Through a direct message
    • Your customer will receive an email confirming that the message has been sent.
    • You will receive an email with your customer's message.

  • Through a call
    • Your customer can call you directly by clicking on the telephone symbol on your website. 
    • You will be directly connected to the customer. 

Please note that UENI customers on paid plans will also receive booking requests and messages via SMS if you have provided UENI with a mobile phone number.

You can always see your list of customer booking requests and messages by logging into your Business Hub and clicking on "My Hub". Information on calls received is available on the "Analytics" section of your Business Hub. 

Logging into your Business Hub