Please note: Connecting your existing domain has an administrative fee
Customers must contact us before attempting to make any changes to the nameservers. Any attempt to transfer your domain before alerting UENI may result in a temporary loss of access to any email account or website associated with this domain.

If your domain name is registered with Hostinger, use the following instructions to update your nameservers.

  • Login into the control panel of Hostinger
  • Below account, click on Details

All DNS related information are in the Details section.

Locating DNS details using Hostinger's control panel

The list of name servers will often look like:

Nameserver and A record values located

  • Find a way to list all your domains on the registrar’s site. Sometimes this can be found in a Domains page, or a Domain Manager page or something similar.
  • Select the domain for which you want to set the name servers.

Managing domain names through Hostinger

  • Some registrars have a Set Nameservers menu link or a Manage DNS button. If you see it, that’s probably the one you need to click.
  • If the actual nameserver fields are not yet shown, navigate through the page until you find it.

The section that lets you change the nameservers of a domain name

  • Please add these 2 nameservers: 



  • Click on Update.

The change will usually take 3-6 hours to show, but remember that these changes can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate across the web.

If you have questions or need help please email