Note: Domains are not eligible for transfer to another registrar if they are within 60 days of registration or a previous transfer, or if a customer opted-in to apply a 60-day transfer lock after a Change of Registrant.

If you don't want your domain name registered with UENI, you can transfer it away to another registrar. You'll start the process with UENI, and complete it with your new registrar.

UENI will transfer the ownership of the domain to you or to the new hosting provider that will manage your domain.

The domain transfer changes depending on the .TLD chosen by the customer:

  • If you are transferring a .uk domain name, you'll need to request an update to the IPS tag. UENI will be in charge to provide the IPS tag.

  • If you are transferring .com domain name, UENI will be in charge to provide a code.

Please note there is an administration fee for this service.

If you want to request this service, please email us at and use this subject ‘Transfer my domain away from UENI’.